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Annual Dinner Fundraiser and Awards

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2024 Awardees

UCLA HPMAA is honored to celebrate our 2024 Awardees below:

2024 Leader of Today Awardee:

Annette M. Walker, MHA, President, City of Hope of Orange County 

2024 Ira Alpert Service Awardee:

Louise McCarthy, MPP, President & CEO, Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County (CCALAC)

What is the Leaders of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow dinner?

For the past three decades the HPMAA has been honoring a “Leader of Today” as well as our Fielding School of Public Health graduating class, the “Leaders of Tomorrow”, during an annual dinner widely attended by healthcare professionals from throughout the U.S. 

For more information about this year's event and full sponsorship details, click here. For other frequently asked questions click here.

About the Leader of Today Award

The Leader of Today Honoree is an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of Health Policy and Management. He or she demonstrates superior leadership quality and service to the community throughout the course of their career. The Leader of Today Honoree has gone above and beyond to advocate for public health, engage their community and provider leadership in health services. The origins of this award date back to 1988, and have since recognized a long line of women and men who have made a lasting impact in healthcare. As an alumni association, we strive to recognize the top leaders in healthcare and honor them for their work and contributions to advancing the health of all populations. 

Previous Awardees:

2023    Erik G. Wexler

2022    Amar Desai, MD, MPH

2021    David Carlisle, MD, PhD

2019    John Baackes

2018    Elizabeth Forer, MSW, MPH
2017    Linda Burnes Bolton, Dr.PH, RN, FAAN
2016    Paul Viviano, MP
2015    Kim Belshe, MPP
2014    Peter Lee, JD
2013    Jonathan Fielding, MD, MPH, MA, MBA
2012    Benjamin K. Chu, MD, MPH, MACP
2011    Molly Coye, MD, MPH
2011    Robert Brook, MD, ScD
2010    Kenneth W. Kizer, MD, MPH
2010    Howard A. Kahn
2009    Ralph R. Salimpour, MD, DCH, FAAP

2009    Mark Chassin, MD, MPP, MPH

2007    Bruce Bodaken, MA

2006    C. Duane Dauner

2005    Alfred Mann, MS

2004    Leonard Schaeffer

2003    Carl Weissburg

2002    David Lawrence, MD, MPH

2001    Thomas Priselac, MPH

2000    Diana Bonta, DrPH

1999    Jack Schlosser, MPH

1998    James Barber, MPH

1997    Arthur Southam, MD

1996    Paul Torrens, MD, MPH

1995    W. Mark Jasper, MPH

1993    James Lester

1991    Stephen Shortell, PhD, MPH, MBA

1990    Terry Hartshorn

1989    Walter Noce, Jr., MPH

1988    James Haden, MPH

About the Ira Alpert Award

Almost 40 years ago, as the first graduates of the Department, Ira Alpert (Class of 1966) and several members of the Class of 1965 achieved their goal of creating the Department’s first alumni association. Through vision and perseverance, Mr. Alpert did more than most to establish and strengthen today’s 1,000 member strong Health Policy and Management Alumni Association (HPMAA), formerly the Health Services Alumni Association. It is for this reason that the HPMAA wishes to honor Mr. Alpert’s effort and contribution by granting the Ira Alpert Service Award to an individual who has helped sustain, grow and broaden the leadership role of the Association. To Mr. Alpert, the Association was the means to ensure that the Department endured over time. Mr. Alpert and all the Department’s alumni have a vested interest in the continuation of their graduate program, in the maintenance of its high quality standards, and in the accomplishments of its renowned faculty. Alumni continue to be interested in stimulating interest in the program from prospective students and in ensuring that the achievements of its alumni and the department are recognized. The origins of this award date back to 1992, when Mr. Alpert was given the first Health Services Management Service Award for his vision and long term commitment to the Alumni Association and to improving and supporting the Department of Health Policy and Management, the School of Public Health and the UCLA Foundation. In receiving this inaugural award, Mr. Alpert created a legacy that, to this day, remains difficult to emulate.

Previous Awardees:

2023    Jean Balgrosky, PhD, MPH, RHIA

2022    Ozzie Martinez, MPH

2021    Lara Khouri, MBA, MPH

2019    Caitlin Beck Stella, MPH

2018    Julie Croner, MPH
2017    Avram Kaplan, MPH
2016    Richard Sinaiko, MPH
2015    Frank Matricardi, Dr, MPH
2014    Allen Miller, MPH
2013    Diana Hilberman, DrPH
2012    Paul Torrens, M.D., M.P.H.
2011    Tom Gordon
2010    Lori Pelliccioni, JD, PhD
2009    Jack Schlosser, MPH

2007    Raymond Goodman, MPH

2006    Jennifer Kozakowski, MPH

2005    David Krasnow, OD, MPH, MBA

2005    Michael Galper, MPH

2004    Bob Blair, MPH

1992    Ira Alpert, MSPH

Lifetime Achievement Award

Previous Awardees:

2019    Thomas Gordon

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